An Unrelated Note which we all should relate to.

After the past few days of seeing increasing amounts of posts discussing the slut shaming which has taken over the internet since the report of leaks of nude pictures of celebrities I have been incredibly sad.

I am sad because not only do these posts in many cases shame the subjects of these alleged photographs, despite trying to defend them, but most of all I’m sad that this subject has become a matter of discussion purely because it’s a few famous vaginas that are the victims of the shaming.

Slut shaming is not only one of the most misogynist things that plagues the internet but it is a perfect example of the ridiculous extents to which the anonymity of the internet removes our compassion and humanity.

I will not illustrate the ridiculous double standard of the word slut, nor will I speak of the pictures completely free of shame that appear if I do a quick google images search of the words “nude man selfie”. I will however talk of the ridiculous and inhumane fascination we have the for the humiliation not only of the rich and famous but most importantly of the average Joe and Jane who become victims of their partners cruelty and indiscretion. 

The shame does not lie in trusting someone sexually and romantically, but rather in the humiliation that comes in the complete loss of trust, not only in your partner (however long gone that relationship may be), but in all those around you who choose to judge on something which is so private it should not interest them and it should definitely not concern them.

I am most of all sad that the true reality of slut shaming is a desire of men and women alike to judge, which is not just linked to celebrity gossip, but involves women and men around the world who trusted the wrong person. This is an issue which exists because there is a strong public demand for slut shaming material, and not because a few paparazzi took a hacking class and learnt how to access a few high profile Hollywood computers. As long as something is trending the media will put it out there and will give it value, however insignificant or hateful it actually is and I for one do not want to give them any likes or visualizations.  

So I encourage you to do the following:

Install an app to your browser, it’s called “rather” and by inserting a few key words it automatically filters all the posts you receive on social media to images of a subject of your choice.

From now on I will no longer contribute to the plague of slut shaming, instead I will be looking at these gifs.